10 Tips for First-Time Dog Breeders

First-time dog breeders experience lots of challenges as they try to learn the art of breeding dogs. It is important to have the necessary information that will make your task easy. We have compiled a list of 10 tips that will make your journey easier.

Learn! Learn! Learn!

As a responsible first-time dog breeder, one of the most valuable things that you must invest in is gaining quality information about breeding dogs. This should happen even before you select your breeds or set up the housing.

Seek mentors


It is easier to succeed in dog breeding by walking with a mentor. Look for a successful dog breeder in your locality or online. Request them to mentor you in the art of breeding dogs. Be patient and learn from them.

Pick a qualified assistant


If you want to succeed in breeding dogs, you require the help of a qualified and experienced assistant. They should have been in the job for some time. A veteran assistant will make your work easier. They will offer valuable information on food, breed selection, whelming and taking care of the puppies among others.

Choose breeds carefully


You can only get quality puppies if you were keen on selecting the parents. Only select bitches and male dogs that have the characteristics you desire. Besides, dig deeper and know the history of the parents to avoid any diseases or unwanted qualities. You can read more on types of spinach and benefits for dogs. 

Prepare your bitch for breeding


Allow your bitch to be of age before breeding them. This will eliminate any effects on their health and that of the puppies. Before breeding your bitch, allow your vet to conduct a thorough examination of their health and ensure the required vaccinations are done.

Prepare for whelping


You will need several necessary items when your dog is ready to whelp. Make sure you have these necessities beforehand. These items include; a whelping box that is large enough for the mother and puppies, thermometer, disinfectants, syringe, towels, gloves and stethoscope among others.

Save money for emergencies


If you are well prepared to receive your puppies, you expect that all will be well, but this may not be the case always. Save sufficient money to cater for emergencies that may occur during pregnancy and whelming.

Feed you bitch with quality foods & exercise


Your bitch will give birth to healthy puppies if you fed them with a balanced diet. Seek advice from your vet or mentor on the right foods and quantities to feed your bitch. Besides feeding your bitch on quality food, they require adequate exercise to make whelming easier.

Keep a list of emergency numbers


Though you have adequately prepared for whelping and taking care of the bitch and the puppies, complications can arise during pregnancy, birth or afterward. It is essential to have relevant contacts such as those of your nearest vet hospital, or your veterinarian.

Remember to keep records


Any successful dog breeder must be excellent in record keeping. This should start even before you start breeding your bitch. Ensure you have records for all the necessary vaccinations, dates of mating, the selected breeds, any disease or complications during pregnancy and puppies’ information.